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REBEKAH MISKIN was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She’s been acting, writing and dancing since she could walk and talk. Despite wishing she was an astrophysicist, Rebekah just completed AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, a film directed by Sara Alfaro in which she stars; set for release later this year. Rebekah also created the series, NIGHT OWL, which made its World Premiere as Official Selection at SXSW to stellar reviews & sold out screenings. More recently, Rebekah was a recipient of the NETFLIX Diverse Voices Award at the Banff World Media Festival and received her Masters Degree in Media Production from Ryerson University, earning her the Ryerson Graduate Fellowship Scholarship. Wow, if you read this far down, you must be REALLY bored! Sadly, we've come to the end of the line - Rebekah will have to do more stuff for this ABOUT section to be longer.  



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